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Google Checkout Checks Out

Google Checkout Checks Out

Google has announced that they will be discontinuing the Google Checkout e-commerce payment solution effective November 20, 2013.

I would have expected Checkout to be extremely profitable for Google, but clearly they wouldn't…

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New Ecommerce Web Site for Orleans Coffee Exchange

9/15/2011 4:33:56pm

We're pleased to announce the launch of a new e-commerce web site for the Orleans Coffee Exchange. We provided back-end web development for Orleans Coffee's previous web site in 2002, so we were elated that they asked us to provide web design and back-end web development this time around. Orleans Coffee has long provided wholesale beans and espresso equipment to the best restaurants and coffee shops in New Orleans. Now customers across the country can enjoy their hand-roasted artisan blends by purchasing coffees and teas online. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we've been graced with some great local coffee roasters in the last few years. The quality of Orleans Coffee's blends challenges even the best of them. Give it a try and see for yourself! Read More »

On the Road with Starboard Suite™ in the San Juan Islands and British Columbia

9/9/2011 3:24:02pm

We had the pleasure of visiting Anacortes, Washington; Victoria, British Columbia and Vancouver last week as part of the promotion for Starboard Suite™ -- our tour operator reservation system. What a beautiful part of the world! We ate well, met lots of nice folks, went whale watching with Island Adventures Cruises and sea kayaking with Anacortes Kayak Tours. Many thanks to Shane, Jen, Erik and Megan for a fantastic dinner and great company! Learn more about the Starboard Suite™ tour operator reservation system at www.starboardsuite.com. Read More »

Starboard Suite™ Tour Operator Reservation System Officially Launches

8/19/2011 11:39:23am

Announcing the launch of Starboard Suite™, a web-based reservation, check-in, customer service and reporting solution for adventure tour operators who offer services like whale watching, kayaking and river rafting. Starboard Suite™ runs in the cloud and works on nearly any web-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone. We'll be embarking on our own "Tour de Suite" at the end of the month, with stops in the San Juan Islands, Victoria BC and Vancouver. Find out more at www.starboardsuite.com. Read More »

Web Design and Development Project for African Ophthalmology Forum

7/11/2011 12:32:06pm

We're pleased to announce the launch of a new website for the African Ophthalmology Forum. Aofsite.org allows ophthalmologists across Sub Saharan Africa to network and share resources, and enables patients to connect with eye specialists in their region. The African Ophthalmology Forum, AOF, is a supranational ophthalmology organization, whose aim is to represent the interests of national and sub regional ophthalmological societies across Sub Saharan Africa as well as that of the members of those societies. It is also a platform for ophthalmologists in the diaspora to contribute to the agenda of improving eye health care in sub Saharan Africa. AOF was created in Bahrain, in March 2009, following a series of meetings of ophthalmology leaders from Sub Saharan Africa. These meetings, which started in 2007, were facilitated by ICO (International Council of Ophthalmology) and MEACO (Middle East African Council of Ophthalmology). Read More »

Web Development Project - Ecommerce Website for Fork in the Road Foods

3/29/2011 4:45:21pm

We're pleased to announce the launch of a new Web site for Fork in the Road Foods! Fork in the Road is a community of family farmers, chefs, workers and people with generations in the food business who've come together to take a better path. All Fork in the Road meats come from humanely raised animals that are bred for flavor and tenderness. In addition to information about the organization and its products, the web site has an innovative "Follow Your Food" section that allows users to visually map the path of Fork in the Road products "from farm to plate". Read More »

Web Design and Development Project - An Ecommerce Website for Pina Zangaro

1/4/2011 3:43:40pm

We're pleased to announce the launch of a new e-commerce Web site for Pina Zangaro, a local designer and manufacturer of professional presentation, display and storage products. Pina Zangaro is a very cool company with innovative product designs, built using high-quality materials in their San Francisco-based manufacturing facility. We had a great time working with their team and couldn't be more pleased with how the project turned out. Many thanks to Terrain Design for art direction and Web design. Read More »

Ecommerce Syndication Dramatically Improves Online Sales

11/4/2010 8:09:59pm

Just set up a dynamic feed to pull the most up-to-date product information from ShoeBiz and list it for sale on Google Shopping. Now get out there and buy some shoes, people! Read More »

Website Design and Development for International Council of Ophthalmology

5/26/2010 12:43:34pm

We're pleased to announce the launch of a new Web site for the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO). Much more than a simple brochure site, the new www.icoph.org contains a vast, searchable repository of news articles and educational findings, a calendar of worldwide events and an interactive community portal. Registered users may also "customize their content" by selecting preferred areas of interest. Users then have access to a unique news, event and research feed that is customized to their specific interests. Member organizations of the ICO are now able to update their organization information and communication preferences, and pay their membership dues online. What's more, the ICO's workflows have been dramatically streamlined due to integration of the Web site with Salesforce.com. Read More »

Web Design and Development Project - An Online Art Gallery for the Beholder

8/24/2008 10:36:22am

We're pleased to announce the launch of a new ecommerce website for the Beholder! The Beholder is an online art gallery where approved artists can list and sell their own artwork. Each artist receives an administrative account where they can upload photos, set their own pricing and track their sales. With the launch of this newly redesigned ecommerce site, the Beholder has created a valuable resource for artists and aficionados to meet online, share ideas and do business. Tip of the hat to Senior Web Designer Jessica Gore for another fabulous website design. Read More »

Web Design and Development Project - Ecommerce Site for Shoebiz San Francisco

7/19/2008 5:48:37pm

We're proud to announce the launch of a new Ecommerce Web site for Shoebiz! Shoebiz is a San Francisco treasure and we're delighted that they choose D3 to be the designers and developers of their new Web site. From their four local stores in Haight Ashbury, the Mission and Noe Valley Shoebiz sells unique and private label boots, shoes and sneakers that feel good on your feet and get you noticed! We worked with Shoebiz to refresh their online identity, designed and developed a new Ecommerce site to support online sales and built a custom CMS with order management and fulfillment capabilities. Read More »

Web Design and Development Project - An Ecommerce Website for Dita Eyewear

6/12/2008 2:51:46pm

We're pleased to announce the launch of a new Ecommerce website for Dita Eyewear. The story of Dita Eyewear is really the story of life long friends, Jeff Solorio and John Juniper co-founders of Dita and the driving forces behind Dita's celebrated designs. Jeff and John have been friends since grade school and share a common passion for photography and design. Together they were inspired to capture their passions not just on film but in eyewear as well, thus creating the first collection of Dita frames in 1996. With their natural affinity for design, they came up with a plan to introduce stylish eyewear inspired by vintage frames from the 50's through the 80's. Utilizing modern materials and shapes, Dita's designs distinguish themselves with quality, look and fit. Jeff and John envisioned Dita as an alternative to label branded eyewear. Dita's logo details are intentionally subtle so that the frame itself defines the look rather than the logo. This allows the design of the frame to complement features of the wearer and contribute to their overall style. Dita Legends - Online is the official online retail store for all Dita Eyewear products. The Website currently features the full Dita Sunglasses, Dita Select Optical Eyeglasses and Lancier by Dita Eyewear Sunglasses collections. Read More »

Web Design and Development Project - Website and Online Portfolio for David Baker + Partners Architects

7/2/2007 3:00:47pm

We're pleased to announce to the launch of a new website for David Baker + Partners Architects. DB + P is a mid-size "green" architecture firm in San Francisco. If you spend much time in the Bay Area you're likely familiar with at least some of their work, from the Clock Tower building in San Francisco to Hotel Healdsburg in Sonoma County. Their work is both beautiful and sustainable. It was a pleasure to work with the team at David Baker + Partners and we look forward to using their new website to keep tabs on future projects around town. Read More »

Ecommerce Website Design and Development for Goorin Brothers

3/23/2007 3:30:37pm

We're pleased to help "bring back the hat" with the launch of a new E-commerce site for Goorin Brothers! The legacy of Goorin Brothers is one that follows a timeless approach to the art of hat making. In its fourth generation of leadership Goorin Brothers continues the tradition of authentic family craftsmanship and is supported by a team of individuals who share the same passion for the cultural, artistic and hands on approach to this century old brand. Goorin offers timeless, classic styles with a unique flare and personality -- hats that allow you to make a statement without having to say a word. D3 Solutions is pleased to be part of Goorin's first foray into online sales and Ecommerce with the launch of this new Website. Read More »

Web Design and Development Project - Ecommerce Website for Orleans Coffee Exchange

1/6/2005 4:30:12pm

We're pleased to announce the launch of an Ecommerce website for the Orleans Coffee Exchange, a roaster of fine artisan coffees. For several decades Orleans Coffee has been providing wholesale coffees and espresso machines to many of the cafes in the city of New Orleans. Those tasty blends are now available direct to consumers on their new website. We very much enjoyed working with the team at Orleans Coffee and look forward to continuing to get our fix from their tasty artisan roasts. Read More »

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