companywe value community involvement
and we do our best to be good neighbors.
we'll try to leave everything a bit cleaner than when we got here.

Environmental Commitment

We care deeply about the environment and are actively doing our part to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Virtualization Technology

We began experimenting with virtualization technology in 2004, and migrated our own hardware infrastructure and our clients' servers to Virtual Private Servers (VPS) in 2005.

Server virtualization allowed us to add even more breadth to the services we offer, while helping our clients reduce costs and shrink their carbon footprints. By the end of 2010, we had reduced our carbon footprint by over 2 million pounds of CO2 (according to VMWare's Green Calculator).


We've strategically located our office just 2 blocks from San Francisco's Montgomery Street Station, a major transit hub, making it easy for clients and staff to have in-person meetings without needing to drive.

Community Involvement

We're long-time members of several non-profit organizations that are working to reduce carbon emissions and improve livability in the San Francisco Bay Area, including: The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, Walk San Francisco, San Francisco Planning + Urban Research AssociationLivable City